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Pangman takes you inside a VR classic arcade game experience, where your goal is to burst spheres by using a pair of guns that transform into hooks when you throw them. Complete 140 story mode levels in individual or cooperative campaign, and enjoy frantic multiplayer games with up to 8 players.

Pangman in 12 words
1. FUN
Exploding spheres shooting your gun and your hook while altering the laws of time and physics is totally rewarding
Relive the essence of classic video games in VR.
Simplified controls, suitable for VR beginners. Mastering the gameplay, though, requires lots of practice.
No loading times or complex tutorials. Intuitive mechanics and gameplay.
Action takes place inside an arcade simulation and there's no need to move, so there's no possibility of motion sickness
Script crammed with humor, silly puns and loads of references to general culture, classic video games and The Matrix saga.
The story mode can be played in cooperative mode and there's also an arena mode for endless games with up to 8 players.
Pangman can be played even sitting down. But if you have a space of 2x2 meters, you'll have a great time dodging spheres.
The story and characters are loosely inspired by The Matrix saga, as well as the "Dynamyc Timer", a slow-motion power-up that takes us inside The Matrix universe.
Story mode includes 140 levels that can be played alone or in cooperative mode. There's also included an infinite online mode.
Simple but attractive cartoon graphics, bright and colorful.
Spatializer 3D sound effects. Original soundtrack including 30 different themes.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Now that Pangman is on Quest, will you provide redeem codes for those of us who bought it here?

bought several months ago, never been able to play multiplayer.. every time I tried to play in multiplayer I found myself with my head at floor level without the possibility to get up and see the screen of the game machine(same issue on Quest 1 and Quest 2).. lately i see only a warning that say that multiplayer is temporarily disabled.. buyed only for multiplayer, never been able to play with friends.. hoped it was only a temporary issue but after months is still the same

Sorry for the delay. We have been very busy with the release of 1976. Now that we have finally finished 1976 we are going to fix the Pangman problem you mentioned and we are also going to launch it in the new Oculus App Lab.

The update is published now including both multiplayer: cooperative and competitive

So, what are the compenastions for Oculus Go with only one 3DoF controller?

Does it handle both guns, or are you limited to one?

In Oculus Go you have a rifle instead of 2 pistols. This rifle is capable of launching 2 hooks in much the same way as it works with 2 hands.